This wine, obtained from 100% selected Sagrantino grapes, is aimed at a less demanding market than the Passito DOCG. With a deep rich colour, compact, at the first impact it leaves a hint of wild cherry, chocolate and coffee. A perfect blend of flavours and spices. Creamy, consistent and remarkably elegant. A comprehensive, fragrant taste which is very gratifying. A pleasant acidic streak which combines perfectly with the sugars..


VINIFICATION: Produced after 15 days of drying when it loses 50% of its weight in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, it is then left to ferment for approximately 25 days with the skins. As it is a IGT wine it is available to purchase the following year after production having undergone 4 months of refining in bottles.


TERROIR: It is a silt-clay soil moderately calcareous, fresh and deep with the vines exposed to the south-east and a plantation density of 4’200 plants per hectare.

Meliade Passito IGT 2013, Le Cimate