Gin del Professore, Monsieur

The Gin Monsieur is completely different to any other gin on the market, with intense notes of juniper and an incredible, highly spiced, aromatic profile with notes of cardamom, lavander, camomile and orange. The infusion of sweet spices like cinnamon and vanilla give the gin a delicious softness and round taste.
Alcoholic Gradation : 43° 
Bottle capacity: 70 cl

Gin del Professore, Madame

The Gin a la Madame really is a unique gin, the blended aromas of juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, turmeric, cinnamon and cassia bark, are stunning, memorable for its freshness and intensity of the spices. On the palate, the Madame is beautifully warming, with a savoury, balsamic structure beneath the various herbs and spices. Although each ingredient, from juniper to cinnamon, is decipherable, they are all spun into a gorgeous overall flavour of juniper rich with floral and comforting medicinal notes. 
Alcoholic Gradation : 42.9° 
Bottle capacity: 70 cl

London Dry Gin Berto

The beauty of the 'Berto' Gin is that it is both an excellent gin to introduce to the gin novice yet has such an interesting flavour profile that it also satisfies the more expert enthusiasts! Complex and smooth with lovely aromatic floral notes.

All the botanicals are grown in Italy and the spirit undergoes a double distillation.

Alcoholic Gradation : 42.9° 

Bottle capacity: 70 cl

Liquore Camomilla

A glaring example is this chamomile liquor, with a decisive flower taste and inspired by the great-grandfather's recipe, dusted off for the occasion. The infusion of the flowers in alcohol, touched up with cedar bark, vanilla beans and other secret spices.

Intense bright yellow, has a delicate but marked scent evoking immediately the flower notes of chamomile along with mild citrus notes. Soft and delicate, enveloping the palate with its clean and precise taste that leaves a long trail of spices and herbal hints.

Alcoholic Gradation : 28° 

Bottle capacity: 70 cl

Liquore Pino Mugo

Quaglia's Pino Mugo is a mountain-pine liqueur from Italy. Made with the resin from pine cones, which is cold-infused into spirit, this is spicy liqueur that is best served chilled as a digestif or with pudding.

Alcoholic Gradation : 35%

Bottle capacity: 70 cl

Berto, Bitter

Berto is a classic natural bitter from Italian producer Quaglia.

First created in the early 20th century and tweaked for modern-day cocktails, the ingredients include gentian root, bitterwood and alpine daisy. Intense, sweet and aromatic.

Liquore Ciliegia

This is a cherry flavoured liqueur from Italian distillers, Quaglia, made with cherries from Turin. Delightfully sweet, this ought to go well with a couple of squares of dark chocolate, rich coffee and decadent cocktails.

Alcoholic Gradation : 25° 

Bottle capacity: 70 cl

Liquore Chinotto

The Chinotto liqueur is part of the Vintage Line from Quaglia. It is an absolutely delicious, but particular liqueur produced from the infusion of chinotto; a certain species of bittersweet orange which grows on plants similar to myrtle.

Elegant and flavoursome on the palate, this is a liqueur of finesse, composure and vibrancy with an opulent aftertaste of vanilla, rhubarb, dandelion and orange blossom. The bitterness is in perfect balance with the fruity, sweet core, making it an ideal ingredient for original cocktails, but it’s also great to drink on its own over ice.

Alcoholic Gradation : 35° 

Bottle capacity: 70 cl

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